NewsUkraine on high alert: MiG-31K hovers over Black Sea, potential missile threat feared

Ukraine on high alert: MiG‑31K hovers over Black Sea, potential missile threat feared

Russian fighter MiG-31
Russian fighter MiG-31
Images source: © Wikimedia Commons
4:21 PM EST, December 26, 2023

On December 26, the Ukrainian Armed Forces alerted the public to the possibility of a significant danger looming over the country's territory. "A missile threatens all of Ukraine," the services warned, urging the public not to disregard the air alarm.

This alarming scenario was precipitated by the launch of the Russian fighter jet MiG-31K from the airport in Machulishchy, Belarus. The aircraft was sighted over the Black Sea, indicating that a potential missile threat could affect central, northern, and eastern regions of Ukraine. Given the missile's range of over 1243 miles, nearly any Ukrainian city could possibly be the target of a ballistic attack.

Air alert in Ukraine as MiG-31K hovers over the Black Sea

This is not an isolated situation. On Saturday, December 16, a state of high readiness was also declared across Ukraine. At that time, in addition to the two Russian MiG-31Ks, an A-50 reconnaissance aircraft took off, built for target location and identifying the positions of Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

Also, even during the holiday season, Ukraine experienced unsettling aerial activity. Since this year, Ukrainian cities have been observing Christmas on December 25, a shift to the New Julian calendar accelerated by Russian aggression.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, commented on the situation on December 23, saying, "After the war, this day will be festive and free. But as the war is ongoing, for all government bodies and state enterprises, December 25 will be a working day, as it will be for vital infrastructure enterprises."

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