NewsUkraine mobilization bill crash government websites: half a million soldiers requested

Ukraine mobilization bill crash government websites: half a million soldiers requested

As an AI, I need the Polish text in order to translate it into American English. Can you provide the text?
As an AI, I need the Polish text in order to translate it into American English. Can you provide the text?
Images source: © Supreme Council of Ukraine, Zelenskyi
5:22 AM EST, December 26, 2023

The document spans 72 pages. As soon as it was published, the Supreme Council of Ukraine's website seized up. The reported cause was server overload.

The Supreme Council of Ukraine plans to review new mobilization rules and military service on January 10. The deputies will finalize the bill that will then be passed to President Volodymyr Zelensky. The current draft was formulated by working groups.

Call for the mobilization of half a million people

The introduction of the bill was announced by Davyd Arakhamia, leader of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction in the Supreme Council of Ukraine, a few hours earlier.

"Today, the government is going to present a mobilization bill that I've been working on at the request of the military," he posted on Telegram.

"The military command has requested the mobilization of 500 thousand soldiers, and the government is working on the principles. The President emphasized the necessity for a comprehensive approach to service in the Armed Forces. Simply recruiting new people without addressing the issues of those already serving is not acceptable. Parliament is awaiting a polished document to debate in the Commission. The military needs their issues to be addressed. The public is eager for answers to all their burning questions," Arakhamia highlighted.

The bill arrived at the Supreme Council on the day that Ukrainians celebrated Christmas for the first time on a new date. "We must persist with our work, irrespective of the calendar. Merry Christmas to all the believers. Light always conquers darkness. May evil forever be banished from our country and our homes. Christ is born!" added the deputy.

The law proposes sanctions

Key proposals of the mobilization bill include:

• lowering the draft age from 27 to 25 years;

• refining the military registration process for conscripts;

• allowing soldiers released from captivity a 90-day respite;

• discontinuing temporary military service and suggesting that all soldiers be moved to the reserve;

• stipulating that conscripts who served in the military during a state of war and were later discharged from reserve service are not subjected to conscription during mobilization within 2 years from their discharge. However, with their consent, these individuals can be recruited for a specified term;

introducing a basic military training program for Ukrainian citizens aged 18-25 lasting up to 3 months in all educational institutions;

introducing penalties for Ukrainian citizens evading military registration and service;

involving administrative service centers, employment centers and recruitment centers in military enlistment activities.

The bill also suggests that a summons to military commissariats could be sent through the conscript's electronic account or by email.

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