NewsUkraine is on an urgent soldier hunt. Territorial Recruitment Center storm malls and gyms as new draft law looms

Ukraine is on an urgent soldier hunt. Territorial Recruitment Center storm malls and gyms as new draft law looms

Soldiers in galleries and fitness clubs. "Raids" in Ukraine continue.
Soldiers in galleries and fitness clubs. "Raids" in Ukraine continue.
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8:42 AM EST, December 15, 2023

Over 30 people arrived at Synergy Fitness in Odessa. They are outside, with 30 inside. They're apprehending all the boys, even as young as 15, asking for their age and identification, reported one witness.

So-called "raids" on public facilities

Every day, Ukrainian media report on the so-called "raids" on public facilities, carried out by the employees of the Territorial Recruitment Center (TCC). The surge in military recruitment activity coincides with the introduction of a new draft law.

A new draft law?

As the NV portal describes, the Supreme Council of Ukraine is making alterations to laws relating to the recruitment process. An extensive project addressing issues related to conscripts and military personnel is underway.

Certain "problem areas" in Ukraine, identified by experts, include military equipment, the age of soldiers, and their health, as well as the necessity for rotation.

The NV portal received a draft of the mobilization law from a representative of the National Defense and Intelligence Commission of the Supreme Council.

A section of the draft states that during wartime, Ukrainian citizens between 18 and 60 who are listed in the military records or who have been removed from the "must have a military registration document alongside an identity registration document". They must present this upon request from an authorized district (city) TCC representative or a police officer.

In addition, according to the draft law, conscripts and reservists must notify authorities within seven days about changes in marital status, health, home address, job, or role and changes in contact numbers and email addresses.

In the event of a move, conscripts and reservists have seven days to register with the appropriate recruitment office.

Medical examinations reviewed

Those not classified for military service when the war first broke out have reason to worry. According to NV, citizens previously deemed unfit for military service before the law's implementation "will be subjected to repeat medical examinations within six months from the date the law goes into effect."

However, the draft law does not propose lowering the maximum age for military registration from 27 to 25 years.

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