NewsUkraine intensifies drone strikes on Russia's critical oil infrastructure

Ukraine intensifies drone strikes on Russia's critical oil infrastructure

Further drone attacks on Russian refineries. Illustrative photo
Further drone attacks on Russian refineries. Illustrative photo
Images source: © Getty Images | Andrey Rudakov
7:36 PM EDT, March 13, 2024

The attack by Ukrainian drones was confirmed by Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov region. Unmanned aerial vehicles targeted the oil products facilities.

"There were no fatalities or injuries, but the technological facilities of the enterprise were halted," reports "Kommersant".

The Novoshakhtinsk Refinery, previously attacked by drones in June 2022 and May 2023, is the largest oil refinery in southern Russia. It produces gasoline, heating oil, marine fuel, diesel oil, and heating oil, boasting a total capacity of 6.2 million tons.

More attacks on refineries

Ukrainian drones also targeted an oil plant in the Ryazan region, resulting in a fire. In the Leningrad region, drones were reported to have been shot down.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on March 13, air defense systems intercepted 68 Ukrainian drones.

As reported on, "Ukraine effectively undermines Russian security. Starting from the beginning of the year, massive attacks on refineries and fuel depots have devastated Russia's oil infrastructure and struck at the pride of Vladimir Putin, who can no longer pretend that Russian soil is untouchable."

"Refineries are a strategic asset in both the supply to the front and Russia's economic policy. Reducing revenues is crucial for Russia's economic and military potential, including its ability to wage war in Ukraine," said Kamil Lipiński, head of the climate and energy team at the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), in a conversation with

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