NewsUkraine hanging by a thread: Awaiting US aid while Russian threat looms, as Congress wrangles over deal

Ukraine hanging by a thread: Awaiting US aid while Russian threat looms, as Congress wrangles over deal

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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6:41 AM EST, January 20, 2024

The American Congress is mulling over a 61 billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine. This is a segment of an assistance program for countries including Israel and Taiwan. US President Joe Biden is pressuring the parliament to authorize these funds promptly.

This matter is complex, given that the Republicans, the majority in the House of Representatives, have clear-cut demands.

Their approval for further aid to Ukraine is contingent on a firmer stance from Biden about enhancing border protection with Mexico and modifications in immigration policy. A vote on the package is slated for next week.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden convened leaders of the US Congress's political parties and top committee representatives at the White House. He reiterated his request for prompt approval of the forthcoming aid program for Ukraine.

According to NBC News, President Biden's primary advisers, Jake Sullivan and Avril Haines, were also present at the meeting. They reportedly conveyed during the discussions that Russia could overcome it within a few weeks or, at most, a few months without further funding allocated to Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces may be lacking in air defense and artillery supplies. Distinct dates were referred to during the meeting, highlighting when specific combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army would end.

There's worry among Biden's officials that the president may fail to keep his pledge to back Ukraine for as long as necessary. This could spur other nations, such as Japan or South Korea, to reassess their current alliances.

Any success by Russia could reverberate globally and undermine the role of the USA as a defender of a democratic world.

The support fund for Ukraine was depleted at the conclusion of last year. The last portion arrived on December 27.

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