NewsUkraine fights back: Defenders prepare for Russian attacks

Ukraine fights back: Defenders prepare for Russian attacks

Ukrainian soldiers speak directly about what they will do with Russian planes
Ukrainian soldiers speak directly about what they will do with Russian planes
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7:13 PM EDT, June 25, 2024

Ukrainian defenders of Kharkiv and Odessa are not giving up. While waiting for air weapon deliveries from allies, they are trying to utilize their own resources to defeat the Russians. Among other things, they are using drones. They promise that the planes bombing them "will soon be flying to hell." And they know what they are talking about.

Russians regularly shell Odessa, Vovchansk, and Kharkiv. An example is the Saturday (June 22) attacks on the densely populated residential areas in the latter city. The Russians bombed Kharkiv four times.

As a result of the bombings, at least three people were killed, and dozens were injured. On the other hand, as a result of the bombings in Odessa on Monday (June 24), four more people were injured.

Ukrainians emphasize that they want to defend themselves against Russian air attacks. They are trying to counterattack around Kharkiv and Vovchansk. Among the units fighting the Russians is the "Achilles" assault drone battalion from the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade of Kharkiv.

In an interview with the portal, they emphasize that "they are ready for great things." Unit commander Yuri Fedorenko says bluntly: "The Russian advantage in ammunition and weapons will eventually end."

Our diplomats are doing a colossal job, fighting for Ukraine to receive additional air defense systems, which will help protect civilian cities, particularly the residents of Kharkiv, says Fedorenko in an interview with Ukrainian media.

Fedorenko talks about what will happen to Russian planes if the West provides anti-aircraft ammunition.

I am confident that their planes will start flying, but not over the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, but straight to hell – said the Ukrainian soldier.

And these are not idle promises. Summer over Ukraine will be very hot again.

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