NewsUkraine expedites efforts to join EU: Zelensky seeks negotiations on membership in 2022

Ukraine expedites efforts to join EU: Zelensky seeks negotiations on membership in 2022

Ukraine's ambitious plan regarding entry into the EU. Zelenski reveals
Ukraine's ambitious plan regarding entry into the EU. Zelenski reveals
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9:50 AM EST, January 31, 2024

In his daily address shared on social media, Zelensky noted an informal meeting of the European Council on Foreign Affairs that transpired in Kyiv on Monday. Surprisingly, this marked the first time these discussions were held outside the European Union's domain.

"We are all cognizant that Ukraine's affiliation with the EU is inevitable. Essentially, this convergence has already occurred virtually," declared the President of Ukraine. "Objectively, our nation is at the forefront in safeguarding the principles upon which European unity, modern Europe's unity that treasures individual freedoms, national equality and the enforcement of international law, is anchored."

Zelensky highlighted that Monday's dialogue centered on the "full incorporation of Ukraine into the EU".

Zelensky advocates for Ukraine's inclusion in the European Union

"Our paramount objective is to initiate membership discussions this year. Indeed, after today's Foreign Affairs Council meeting, it's evident that this goal is within reach," affirmed Zelensky.

Zelensky assured that Kyiv's government would adhere to the seven recommendations proposed by the European Commission, meeting the prerequisite conditions for initiating formal negotiations on membership. These recommendations primarily pertain to judicial reforms and anti-corruption measures.

Zelensky also implored all EU countries to manifest "political readiness," which he considers essential for granting consent to begin negotiations with Ukraine.

Has Ukraine applied for EU membership?

On February 28, 2022, President Volodymyr Zelensky officially lodged Ukraine's application for EU membership. "I firmly believe in the feasibility of our bid," he expressed at the time. Shortly afterward, the leaders of Georgia and Moldova also submitted their applications for EU membership.

Attaining candidate status is the initial phase in the EU membership process. The final decision in this matter rests with the member states.

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