TechUkraine destroys rare Russian electronic warfare system in Zaporizhzhia

Ukraine destroys rare Russian electronic warfare system in Zaporizhzhia

System "Palantin" - illustrative photo
System "Palantin" - illustrative photo
Images source: © @GloOouD, X
5:13 PM EDT, March 12, 2024

According to the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, the Russians used the "Palantin" system for radio-electronic intelligence and to create interference with Ukrainian communication systems in the Zaporizhzhia region. It was discovered during one of the reconnaissance missions, and the location information was passed to units equipped with the HIMARS system by Ukrainian special forces. The subsequent rocket artillery fire destroyed "Palantin," an event that was recorded on video.

Militarny emphasizes that "Palantin" is a new and relatively rare system, which has been destroyed only a few times during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The Oryx research group tracks wartime actions and notes that the Ukrainians have successfully eliminated three such systems. As previously reported by the global intelligence firm Janes, the Russian electronic warfare system "Palantin" was first introduced in 2019.

At its launch, the Russians claimed the system could disrupt enemy radio communications and electronic intelligence over approximately 621 miles. They highlighted its ability to "blind" the enemy across short and ultra-short wave ranges, cut off cellular communication, discreetly locate radio frequency objects, jam bands, and specific frequencies, and detect opposing electronic warfare systems.

The presence of these systems in Ukraine was first recorded in June 2022. The Russians have claimed that these systems enable them to neutralize Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and "block" cellular hotspots and internet sources at enemy command posts, all while avoiding interference with civilian infrastructure. Despite its purported advanced capabilities, "Palantin" proved vulnerable to the firepower of the HIMARS system.

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