NewsUkraine deploys formidable GLSDB bombs in battle with Russia: first impacts shown in video

Ukraine deploys formidable GLSDB bombs in battle with Russia: first impacts shown in video

"New bombs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces registered in action for the first time"
"New bombs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces registered in action for the first time"
Images source: © X | @igorsushko

5:59 AM EST, February 15, 2024

In January 2024, information emerged about a new weapon within the Ukrainian military's arsenal. The command subsequently verified this addition. Despite delays of over a year, potent missiles, which the Ukrainian army heavily depends on, have finally reached the front.

The GLSDB bombs are guided missiles and relatively new projects. They integrate existing SDB ground-to-air bombs and M26 rocket engines.

Their flight radius is 93 miles, and the margin of error regarding accuracy for both stationary and moving targets is merely about 3 feet. The GLSDB's cost-effective nature is another advantage - thanks to the mass production of SDB bombs since 2006, while HIMARS and M270 available in Ukraine can serve as fuels.

The initial trials of this technology, overseen by American Boeing and Swedish Saab, didn't start until 2015. Therefore, it's a relatively nascent type of weapon. Remarkably, Ukraine can be the first to deploy them in a combat scenario.

New Ukrainian weapon's capabilities displayed in the first video

Igor Sushko announced the first impacts of the GLSDB integration on platform X (formerly Twitter) - a Ukrainian-born American racing driver who pivoted to founding the think tank "Wind of Change" amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine following his retirement.

He's the one who released the footage of the first confirmed attack involving a GLSDB missile, and it must be said that the footage vividly illustrates the prowess of this weapon. An instant fireball, a tremendous shockwave, and dense clouds of smoke denote the considerable power of this weapon.

The remnants of the missile and bomb will likely fall into the Russians' hands and will almost certainly act as an impetus for them to focus on their identification. This can be observed in another video released by Sushko.

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