TechUkraine Boosts Defense with Serial Production of Cutting-Edge Howitzer

Ukraine Boosts Defense with Serial Production of Cutting-Edge Howitzer

Howitzer 2S22 Bogdana during use on the front.
Howitzer 2S22 Bogdana during use on the front.
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6:29 PM EDT, April 18, 2024

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced the start of serial production for the Ukrainian 2S22 Bogdana howitzers. The initial ten units will be delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in May, and more units will follow. This marks a significant milestone in the performance capabilities of the Ukrainian military arsenal.

The 2S22 Bogdana howitzer has been developing since 2016 and is now in serial production after two years of wartime condition testing. Its development journey closely parallels that of the Polish Krab howitzer. The Ukrainian model, like its Polish counterpart, is a result of leveraging domestic expertise and foreign technology to create a 155 mm NATO caliber system. This initiative is crucial for supporting Ukraine's defense industry, potentially positioning it as a key player in the global arms market in the future.

The concept behind the 2S22 Bogdana closely mirrors the French CAESAR system by mounting a 155 mm, 52 caliber cannon onto a truck chassis. Initially, the KrAZ-63221 truck was used, but it has since been replaced by the Czech Tatra Phoenix 8x8, better known in the Ukrainian industry.

This model features an armored cabin and bar armor, offering protection against anti-tank munitions from cluster bombs or FPV drones equipped with shaped charge warheads.

The 2S22 Bogdana employs a 155 mm, 52 caliber cannon with a semi-automatic loading system. This system simplifies the loading process, allowing a rate of fire of up to six shots per minute. The howitzer's effective range varies with the ammunition type: simple DM121 type projectiles achieve about 19 miles, rocket-assisted M549A1 can reach around 37 miles, and guided M982 Excalibur projectiles exceed 31 miles. Future integration with a fire control system could enable Vulcano GLR 155 sub-caliber projectiles for targets up to 50 miles away.

The howitzer also supports MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) mode, allowing simultaneous hits on a target, maximizing impact and disruption. This feature and its extended range give the 2S22 Bogdana a significant advantage over Russian artillery alternatives, which are limited to 9 miles and 12 miles with their most common ammunition.

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