NewsUkraine becomes the first nation to receive the US's precision-guided GLSDB bombs

Ukraine becomes the first nation to receive the US's precision-guided GLSDB bombs

Ukraine receives new weaponry (illustrative photo)
Ukraine receives new weaponry (illustrative photo)
Images source: © Getty Images | 2023 Anadolu
10:18 AM EST, January 31, 2024

Developed by renowned companies Boeing and Saab, the GLSDB bombs possess a range of approximately 93 miles, weigh over 220 pounds, and are equipped with a rocket engine. They can be launched from various ground launchers. While America's armed forces have similar air-to-ground bombs, GLSDB bombs that are adapted for ground positions are a new addition to the weapons market. Politico reports that Ukraine will be the first country globally to receive and use this weapon in combat conditions.

Ukraine set to gain a new weapon

Politico reported the planned delivery of the GLSDB bombs to Ukraine, citing sources from American officials and parties close to the Pentagon who wished to remain anonymous. However, Gen. Pat Ryder, the spokesman for the US Department of Defense, declined to comment on this matter, citing "operational security."

The delivery of the new weapon is crucial as Ukraine has already received missiles with a range greater than that of the GLSDB, like the British Storm Shadow. Yet, the rapid delivery of the new weapon matters, at this critical time when the Ukrainian army's weapons stockpile, including artillery ammunition, is starting to deplete, the American portal noted.

Despite Washington's current difficulties in financing further arms packages for Kiev, Politico emphasizes that the GLSDB bombs' delivery to Ukraine will be possible. The transaction will be based on a prior agreement between the US government and Boeing in 2023.

Politico also explains that other countries interested in purchasing this weapon will closely observe the use and effects of the new GLSDB version - first developed in 2019 but not yet used in combat. In this context, Ukraine will serve as a sort of testing ground.

Early reports of the planned GLSDB delivery to Ukraine emerged in February last year when the White House announced providing Kiev with missiles with a 93-mile range. Media outlets reported that obtaining this weapon could greatly expand Ukrainian military's land strike capabilities and enable it to attack Russian targets far beyond the frontline.

The decision to send this new version of bombs to Ukraine only took place after several months of extensive testing. This explains why the GLSDBs are now being integrated into the Ukrainian army's equipment, Politico explains.

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