NewsUkraine attacked with ATACMS missiles. Putin: prolongs the agony

Ukraine attacked with ATACMS missiles. Putin: prolongs the agony

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3:18 PM EDT, October 18, 2023, updated: 6:49 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

The meeting between Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping lasted three hours. - I talked to Xi face to face over a cup of tea, we discussed confidential matters - said the dictator. He announced that Russia is also starting regular patrols of the Black Sea. He also commented on the attack of Ukrainians with ATACMS missiles.

- Russian Air and Space Forces have begun patrolling the airspace over the Black Sea on an ongoing basis, and the aircraft are equipped with Kindzhal missiles, announced Russian dictator Vladimir Putin at a press conference after the meeting with Xi.

Putin visits China. He commented on Kiev's attack

Putin's visit to Beijing is the second official foreign trip of the Russian dictator after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for him in March in connection with child deportations carried out by Russia from Ukraine. Earlier, Putin had visited Kyrgyzstan. The dictator is participating in the Belt and Road Forum taking place in the Chinese capital.

Putin said that his conversation with Xi lasted three hours. - I spoke to Xi face to face over a cup of tea, we discussed confidential matters. The dictator commented on Kiev's use of American ATACMS missiles, which were used to attack airports used by Russians in the vicinity of the occupied Lugansk and Berdyansk.

Putin mentioned the negotiation process

- The supply of ATACMS will simply prolong the agony of Ukraine, Russia will be able to repel these attacks, this is another mistake by the USA - Putin stated. He once again touched on the issue of the negotiation process with Ukraine. - If Ukraine wants this, there are no theatrical gestures needed, the decree banning negotiations should be lifted - he said, not specifying what he means. However, in Putin's propaganda statements, the issue has previously arisen that, in his opinion, it is the West and the United States that want to continue the war.

- In Ukraine they're thinking about the negotiation process, it's a transformation in the right direction - rambled on. He again attacked the USA and referred to the words of Joe Biden, who said Russia had lost this conflict. - If they're losers, let them take away the weapons - he snarled.

The President of China also spoke, saying that his country intends to "support Russia in following the path of national rebirth and protection of national sovereignty, security, and interests".

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