EntertainmentUK TikTok star's viral video sparks UFO speculation

UK TikTok star's viral video sparks UFO speculation

Strange object in the GK Barry film
Strange object in the GK Barry film
Images source: © TikTok | GK Barry
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8:03 PM EST, November 28, 2023

British TikToker Grace Eleanor Keeling, known online as GK Barry, posted a brief video featuring a round object that vanishes into clouds and then illuminates the sky. Many internet users believe the TikTok creator captured a UFO.

Online personality, GK Barry, popular in the UK, boasts a large following on her social media platforms. More than 600,000 followers are on her Instagram, whereas nearly 3.5 million people follow her on TikTok. Recently, Barry gained heightened attention due to a clip, which, according to many internet users, is quite disconcerting.

In a recent video on her profile, Barry talks about her cat's issues, suspecting the animal has fleas. But this isn't the main discussion under the post. More interest has been generated by a peculiar object in the sky, which momentarily stops and lights up a portion of the clouds.

Internet users agree that a UFO is visible in Barry's video. Plenty of comments claim that the video's creator caught an unidentified flying object in motion. They point to the object's odd behaviour — a high speed, abrupt stop, followed by a flash before it disappears.

"At first, it appears to be a water droplet, but subsequent you can see a flash. I watch and I'm disoriented," wrote one commenter. "Why does it appear to get darker then flash away?," questioned another user.

Contrarily, some users suggest the flying object in the sky is a hoax. They highlight that Barry seldom films her videos outdoors, which ought to raise suspicions.

Additionally, commenters note that at some point, the object changes position in the sky without having moved before, which seemingly verifies the insertion of a graphic image. Making this form of sky incident in video editing software is a simple task, according to the online community.

To make the flying object in Barry's video appear authentic, the editors used masking on a visible segment of a plant in the upper corner of the frame. Consequently, the object isn't in the foreground during flight, but "underneath" the leaf. This effect was intended to make the "ball" in the sky seem natural.

It's important to approach these types of videos with skepticism. Internet creators are continuously competing for audience attention, and such videos aren't designed to provide conclusive proof of extraterrestrial existence, despite what some of Barry's TikTok commenters suggest.

There's no concrete evidence available today to affirm with absolute certainty, the possibility of any extraterrestrial civilization's flight over Earth. Therefore, Barry's video should be viewed as a viral sensation intended solely for gaining online attention. It does not adhere to a scientific approach regarding the issue of unidentified objects in the sky.

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