LifestyleUK friends' 'Turkish teeth' TikTok prank goes viral

UK friends' 'Turkish teeth' TikTok prank goes viral

A pair of friends showed "Turkish teeth"
A pair of friends showed "Turkish teeth"
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5:21 PM EST, November 25, 2023

The "Turkish teeth" trend has gained significant traction on the internet lately. Many individuals opt to travel to Turkey for dental procedures, sparking a viral trend among netizens. A pair of friends from the UK shared their experiences on TikTok, which ignited quite a commotion.

The visibility of "Turkish teeth" on social media has been escalating for some time. Reactions from individuals who underwent dental procedures in Turkey range from satisfaction to cautionary tales. A TikTok user shared a video showcasing his smile following a visit to a Turkish dental clinic, sparking a wave of skepticism.

"Turkish Teeth" shown on video, leaves the Internet astounded

A TikToker known as @domenichila, along with his female companion, showcased the results of their dental procedure in Turkey. The video, which has been viewed by almost a million people, astonished viewers. The friends' teeth appeared to form a seamless, single piece.

"We just got back to England after getting our teeth done in Turkey. We look good, right?" says the man.
"We look beautiful," the woman adds.

However, it emerged that the entire incident was merely a prank. The so-called "Turkish teeth" were in fact paper straws. Some viewers took the video seriously, much to the surprise of both the video creator and other TikTok users.

Poke fun at Internet users, featured in British media

The video featuring the UK friends and their "Turkish teeth" caused quite a stir and even attracted British media attention. The Sun featured this story as one of the most unexpected recently. The man who initially posted the TikTok video shared a follow-up video, clarifying that there never was a trip to Turkey, and that the initial video was designed to prank unsuspecting viewers.

"The fact that so many people thought we got our teeth done... I really want to fix them, but not that way," the Brit confesses in another TikTok video.
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