EntertainmentUFC competitor's candid revelation. She earns more from her side hustle

UFC competitor's candid revelation. She earns more from her side hustle

In the photo Alin Perez
In the photo Alin Perez
Images source: © Licensor | Instagram Alin Perez

2:53 PM EST, November 24, 2023

While 29-year-old Argentine Alin Perez is recognized as a UFC fighter, her fights in the octagon aren't her sole source of income. She engages in a somewhat controversial side hustle that she claims is more profitable.

Throughout her professional career, Alin Perez has participated in 11 fights, with a praiseworthy record of 9 victories and two defeats. She last stepped into the octagon on November 18, during the UFC Fight Night 232 gala, where she triumphed over Lucie Pudilová by a judge's decision.

Perez disclosed her secondary source of income during her appearance on The MMA Hour program. The 29-year-old actively utilizes the OnlyFans platform, where she posts provocative pictures and videos for her followers, generating a substantial income.

"In the span of a week, my OnlyFans earnings exceed $30,000. I chose this platform because of the income potential. It's actually lucrative enough that I've been able to buy a car," she revealed during her interview on The MMA Hour program on Thursday.

We can't deny that the numbers Perez is discussing are impressive. While UFC is synonymous with massive earnings, such amounts are usually achievable only by the federation's most prominent fighters. Lesser-known fighters often receive significantly less for their bouts.

During the discourse, Perez recognized her dream come true through fighting for the UFC. She manages to balance her professional MMA career with her OnlyFans venture without any difficulty.

Interestingly, Perez's current UFC contract is about to expire, but she openly discusses her plans to negotiate a pay increase when renewing her contract. Still, she has no intention of terminating her venture on the OnlyFans platform, considering it's a lucrative income source.

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