NewsU.S. to unveil sanctions on Iran aiming to curtail missile production

U.S. to unveil sanctions on Iran aiming to curtail missile production

President of the USA Joe Biden
President of the USA Joe Biden
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12:34 PM EDT, April 17, 2024

According to U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the United States will soon announce a new set of sanctions against Iran. These sanctions, expected to be revealed in the coming days, will hinder Iran's missile and drone production capabilities. Sullivan indicated that he anticipates allied countries will join the U.S. in this effort.

These forthcoming sanctions will target economic entities associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

Biden's comprehensive response

Following Iran's air strike on Israel, which occurred overnight from Saturday to Sunday, President Joe Biden is coordinating with international allies and leaders from both political parties in Congress to formulate a comprehensive response, Sullivan's statement highlighted.

Iran's assault on Israel

The attack was Iran's retaliation for the bombing of its consulate in Damascus, Syria, and the killing of three high-ranking Revolutionary Guard officers by Israeli forces on April 12. Iran fired 36 cruise missiles, 110 ballistic missiles, and 185 drones toward Israel. Israeli officials reported that 99 percent of these were intercepted, preventing them from reaching their intended targets.

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