NewsU.S. plans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid rising Russian threats, report suggests

U.S. plans to redeploy nuclear weapons in UK amid rising Russian threats, report suggests

Will the USA deploy nuclear weapons in the UK? Unofficial reports. Pictured is Joe Biden, President of the USA.
Will the USA deploy nuclear weapons in the UK? Unofficial reports. Pictured is Joe Biden, President of the USA.
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2:52 PM EST, January 27, 2024

The said documents suggest that nuclear warheads, three times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, will be held at the RAF Lakenheath air base in Suffolk County, eastern England. This is the same base where American nuclear weapons were stored during the Cold War.

Will nuclear warheads be returning to the United Kingdom?

In 2008, Washington removed nuclear missiles from the United Kingdom, having concluded that the threat from Moscow had lessened.

However, as indicated by the "Daily Telegraph", the potential return of American nuclear weapons to the UK seems to be timed deliberately. Warnings have been recently issued stating that NATO countries must gear up for a possible conflict with Russia.

The news report quotes documents from the U.S. Department of Defense procurement database, showing that the Pentagon has ordered new equipment for RAF Lakenheath base. This includes ballistic shields designed to protect military personnel from attacks on "high-value assets". Also, construction of a new residential facility for those working on the base will commence in June.

In addition to this, the U.S. has previously announced plans to station two squadrons of fifth-generation F-35 fighters at RAF Lakenheath base. These aircraft can carry atomic bombs and are part of the 48th Fighter Wing.

Russia has already responded

A British Ministry of Defense spokesman commented on the "Daily Telegraph" article. He stated that the long-standing policy of the United Kingdom and NATO is neither to confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons at a specific location.

Moscow has also reacted to these reports. The authorities stated that the positioning of American nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom would be considered an "escalation," and they would respond with "appropriate countermeasures."

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