NewsU.S. military base in Marshall Islands swamped by huge waves, sparking evacuation and damage

U.S. military base in Marshall Islands swamped by huge waves, sparking evacuation and damage

The text "screen" is already in American English, so there's no need to translate it.
The text "screen" is already in American English, so there's no need to translate it.
Images source: © Instagram | @worldmaverick

11:24 AM EST, January 25, 2024

Cleanup operations have commenced following a wave strike that flooded this strategic U.S. military base in the Marshall Islands, as reported by "The Defence Post", citing AFP. Water has swamped the garrison situated on Roi-Namur Island in the Kwajalein Atoll.

The base accommodates some of America's most sophisticated space and missile tracking equipment. Between 80 and 120 workers were evacuated for their safety. Currently, a crew of 60 is on the ground, assessing the damage extent and working towards restoring basic services.

Footage showing the moment of the wave's impact has been shared online by @worldmaverick. In an Instagram post, he affirmed that no injuries occurred in the garrison. "Now that I’ve heard everyone from this event is ok I’m finally posting the video. Roi Namur island was hit hard by several huge waves Saturday night," he wrote.

Aerial photographs reveal significant damage to the island's infrastructure. According to "The Defence Post", referencing the U.S. Army, repair work on the battered garrison could span multiple months. Water inundation affected residential, food service, transport, and recreational facilities on the base.

"Clearing the runway on Roi-Namur and assessing its safety is our top priority now," stated the commander of the American garrison, Col. Drew Morgan. "Once the runway is open, we can move people and equipment back and forth to start the recovery process," the military added.

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