NewsU.S. forces endure another attack in Syria amid White House vow to respond to Jordan incident

U.S. forces endure another attack in Syria amid White House vow to respond to Jordan incident

Rocket attack. Illustrative picture.
Rocket attack. Illustrative picture.
Images source: © Getty Images | 2016 Anadolu Agency

7:01 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:39 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The day following the lethal drone attack in Jordan, American and allied forces in Syria came under fire - as reported by American news service Barron's, quoting AFP. Missiles targeted patrol base Shaddadi in Syria on Monday. "Numerous rockets were launched against U.S. and coalition forces at patrol base Shaddadi in Syria. Thankfully, no injuries or infrastructure damage have been reported," an American official reported anonymously.

Starting from mid-October 2023, Americans have had to handle attacks on their bases in Iraq and Syria. Many of these have been perpetrated by militant groups sanctioned by Iran, in protest against U.S.' support for Israel by radical Islamic groups.

President Joe Biden assured a "very consistent response" to the attack on Tower 22 base in Jordan, as reported by Barron's. Tragically, three American soldiers lost their lives in Sunday's attack, leaving several dozen people injured. Biden implicated attackers who were supported by Tehran. Iran's mission to the United Nations refuted these claims on Monday, stating that Tehran had no involvement in the Jordan attack, according to Reuters.

Currently, 900 U.S. soldiers are based in Syria, while around 2,500 are stationed in neighboring Iraq. U.S. forces are operating in the Middle East, forming part of a coalition against the Islamic State, as reported by the American newspaper.

Source: Barron's, Reuters

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