AutosTyson-tested, Sultan-approved: Unique Range Rover for auction

Tyson-tested, Sultan-approved: Unique Range Rover for auction

Exceptional Range Rover for sale
Exceptional Range Rover for sale
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12:22 PM EST, November 7, 2023

This car was custom-built for the royal family of Brunei and is approximately 47 inches longer than its standard edition.

Introduced to the roads in 1994, this unique extended Range Rover Vogue LSE was a special project tailored for the Sultan of Brunei's family, specifically Prince Jefri. The transformative modifications were carried out in the acclaimed Townley Cross Country Vehicles workshop, a testament to its impressive quality even to date.

The car was not only extended by about 47 inches but also features a raised roof, resulting in a spacious and comfortable cabin perfect for relaxation. Despite the car's age, it remains impressive with its advanced equipment, featuring an exceptional audio system and electrically adjustable captain's seats.

This remarkable Range Rover hit the headlines in 2000 when the infamous Mike Tyson drove it to a boxing match against Lou Savarese in Glasgow. Since 2008, it has been owned privately in Denmark, though it has spent most of its recent years in the British Isles.

One of its selling points, besides its exceptional character, is its incredibly low mileage, marking just around 16,969 miles. The Iconic Auctioneers platform listed this vehicle estimates its price to fall between 30-40 thousand pounds. Considering its unique history and modifications, this amount seems reasonable for collectors and enthusiasts.

There is no lack of space inside.
There is no lack of space inside.© Iconic Auctioneers
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