AutosTWR roars back into the limelight with Jaguar XJS Supercat restomod

TWR roars back into the limelight with Jaguar XJS Supercat restomod

TWR Supercat
TWR Supercat
Images source: © Press materials | TWR

12:28 PM EDT, May 3, 2024

TWR was once among the most prominent motorsport teams globally. After a 22-year hiatus, it's making a dramatic return with its latest restomod project. However, this initiative is about more than just giving the Jaguar XJS a facelift.

Restomods, projects that blend classic cars with modern features, invariably ignite strong emotions. While the sight of vintage cars sporting contemporary aesthetics is intriguing, there are always critics who view such transformations as sacrilege. This time, experts well-versed in the Jaguar XJS have taken it upon themselves to reintroduce a legendary brand to the world after 22 years through a restomod.

This is about TWR, a name familiar to motorsport enthusiasts and Jaguar aficionados alike. The company revived in 2023, has unveiled its first project since its comeback. The TWR Supercat stands out due to its design, engine, and price tag. But what are the details of this modern twist on the British classic?

The car's design instantly grabs attention, catapulting the classic Jaguar XJS into the future. Its sporty appeal is enhanced by a carbon fiber body adorned with dramatic lines, a compact spoiler, and a substantial diffuser. Futuristic elements such as LED rings and large wheels further distinguish the Supercat.

Yet, the car's soundscape is unmistakably classic. Propelled by a supercharged V12 engine from Jaguar, it likely employs the renowned 5.3 V12 of the aforementioned XJS, although TWR has yet to disclose specific details. Known, however, is that the engine boasts an impressive 600 HP and is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

TWR's history is deeply intertwined with Jaguar

The Supercat's exceptional design will undoubtedly attract a following. However, some might wonder why TWR chose to restomod a classic Jaguar. A brief look at history provides clarity.

  • TWR Supercat
  • TWR Supercat
  • TWR Supercat
[1/3] TWR SupercatImages source: © Press materials | TWR

TWR, short for Tom Walkinshaw Racing, was established by the British racecar driver its name suggests. In the 1980s and 1990s, it emerged as a major force in motorsport.

The team made its mark in touring car competitions, the Paris-Dakar rally, and, most notably, endurance racing, highlighted by four victories at the 24-hour Le Mans race—two with Jaguar and two with Porsche. Walkinshaw also served as the technical director for the Benetton Formula One team, contributing to the car Michael Schumacher drove to win his first world championship in 1994.

In 1996, TWR purchased the Arrows Formula One team, venturing partly into owning an F1 team. However, this move led to financial difficulties, culminating in the company's collapse in 2002 after years of success on the racetrack and in producing sporty Jaguar models.

Benetton B194 was largely the work of Tom Walkinshaw.
Benetton B194 was largely the work of Tom Walkinshaw.© Wikimedia Commons | Brian Snelson

More than two decades later, the TWR brand is making a comeback, and the selection of the Jaguar XJS for its restomod project is intentional. This model kicked off the collaboration between the two entities, competing together in the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC).

The TWR Supercat will make its physical debut in the summer of 2024. The company plans to produce only 88 units, with prices starting at 225,000 pounds (approximately $282,750).

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