Tips&TricksTurning back the clock? Yoga and black coffee may be the answer to slower aging

Turning back the clock? Yoga and black coffee may be the answer to slower aging

Aging is related to lifestyle and some habits.
Aging is related to lifestyle and some habits.
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2:02 PM EST, December 27, 2023

The EPIGENOME project, launched in 2019, focuses on aging—a universal human experience. They strive to understand the link between DNA changes and lifestyle. They've scrutinized the lives of thousands of people, and the initial findings are intriguing.

Can we put a brake on aging?

A researcher involved in the project claims that investing in slowing human aging can be more beneficial than spending on disease treatment. To uncover the truth, studying people's lifestyles and the changes occurring in their bodies is imperative. In her opinion, age is merely a number. Two people of the same age can be aging at different rates due to factors like disease, lifestyle choices, and drug use.

Interestingly, our DNA undergoes methylation, which refers to the chemical modification of nucleotides. This process depends on the lifestyle we lead, and it is reversible. This implies it's never too late to change your lifestyle and potentially delay aging. Research suggests that smokers are at a greater risk of premature aging, and their bodies are, on average, four years older than non-smokers.

What can we do to slow aging?

Scientists believe that yoga is a productive way to rejuvenate ourselves. It focuses on body relaxation, controlled breathing, and meditation. Incorporating yoga and other appropriate physical activities into our daily routine can yield positive results. Another factor linked to slowing down aging is coffee consumption. Drinking one to three cups daily can provide a beneficial dose of active substances. But remember, the coffee should be black, with no additives or sugar.

Researchers also suggest that excessive consumption of meat and animal fats can negatively affect the body and, thus, speed up aging. It's also crucial to focus on sleep hygiene—an overlooked factor. The final element we have little control over is our genes. They encapsulate the DNA code from all our ancestors, influencing how our bodies age. Leading a healthy lifestyle now can help ensure vitality in older age when the body begins to slow down.

Black coffee is very healthy.
Black coffee is very healthy.© Pixabay | Focuszaa
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