NewsTurnaround expected. Biden's team reveals potential shift in Israel

Turnaround expected. Biden's team reveals potential shift in Israel

Israeli-Palestinian war
Israeli-Palestinian war
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12:24 PM EDT, November 4, 2023

US officials reportedly anticipate a change in the battle between Israel and Hamas over the coming days. According to CNN, Israel is expected to decrease the intensity of its air campaign and direct more focus to tactical ground operations.

A senior administration official informed CNN on Friday that, thanks to an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Biden administration expects the Israeli air campaign to "weaken compared to what we've already witnessed."

Focusing on ground operations

The administration sees a shift towards "a more tactical focus on the ground campaign." The objective is to dismantle the extensive network of underground tunnels where Hamas conducts its operations, according to a White House official.

In response to questions about when the Biden administration might call for a ceasefire – something they have yet to do – the official suggested that given the scale and nature of the Hamas assaults on Israel on October 7th, a ceasefire wouldn't be appropriate.

US officials in negotiations for hostage release

Reuters announced on Friday that US officials are exerting significant efforts to negotiate the release of more than 240 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

A White House official disclosed to Reuters that a "very significant break in the conflict" would be necessary to secure the hostages' release.

"This is a subject of serious and active discussion... No agreement has been reached yet, but we are working extremely hard on it," they added.

The official confirmed that the administration is also in talks with Hamas to allow foreigners detained in Gaza safe exit. The discussions are challenging and involve a proposal from Hamas to free some of the terrorists held by Israel.

"American and Israeli officials deemed this unacceptable and rejected it," the official added.

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