Tips&TricksTurn toilet paper rolls into eco-friendly pots for your garden: savvy tips for a zero waste spring

Turn toilet paper rolls into eco‑friendly pots for your garden: savvy tips for a zero waste spring

Planting seeds in toilet paper rolls
Planting seeds in toilet paper rolls
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4:44 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Each year, gardeners encounter the same dilemmas. Many ponder when to purchase seeds and begin seedlings, which type of soil to use, and what to plant them in to ensure successful germination. Plastic pots aren't eco-friendly, so seeking other solutions is essential. Consider utilizing toilet paper rolls instead of discarding them.

What are the benefits of sowing in toilet paper rolls?

Few recognize the usefulness of these paper rolls in gardening. After using the paper, many people discard them, which is a huge mistake. It's worth collecting them since they'll be handy in a few weeks. Being proactive about your seedlings can save money and forestall unnecessary expenditure on impractical seedling pots later.

Toilet paper rolls are superior to pricey pots sold in stores, many of which are not as plant-friendly as they should be. The cardboard from these rolls is eco-friendly and durable, aligning with the zero waste movement. By choosing them for sowing seedlings, you're not only saving time and money but also contributing positively to the environment.

What's the process of sowing in toilet paper rolls?

The procedure is straightforward. The collected toilet paper rolls need to be properly folded at one end to create a base for the plant to grow. Importantly, the soil won't spill out of the roll, a crucial aspect when dealing with seedlings. Once the rolls are prepared in this manner, we can pour in the soil and then insert the seeds. This planting method offers many benefits, making full use of the potential of the toilet paper rolls for plants that do not tolerate later transplantation into the ground efficiently.

If you decide on this method of preparing seedlings, you'll need to ensure they receive proper care. Germinating plants need sufficient access to light and moisture to grow healthily and produce an abundant harvest. Regularly spraying them with water and temporarily covering them with plastic wrap can help. Note that too cold or, worse, drafty conditions can deter the seedlings' progress. Toilet paper rolls aid in plant growth; when transplanted along with the plants, they swiftly biodegrade, enriching the soil in the process.

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