FoodTurn back time: Harvard professor's diet and lifestyle secrets to rewind your biological clock

Turn back time: Harvard professor's diet and lifestyle secrets to rewind your biological clock

Diet — the secret of longevity.
Diet — the secret of longevity.
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4:36 PM EST, January 2, 2024

Over time, our once efficient bodies start showing signs of wear and tear, health begins to wane - an inevitability of aging. Or is it? It appears that we might be able to rewind our biological clocks, potentially by as much as ten years. And the secret weapon? A proper diet.

Harvard professor shares secret to rewinding your biological clock

Considered an authority in the field of longevity, 54-year-old Harvard lecturer, Dr. David Sinclair, recently went public with the claim that his developed methods rewound his biological clock by an entire decade. Owing to a balanced diet, physical activity, and regular supplementation, Sinclair was able to develop a method that rejuvenated his body by a decade.

The cornerstone of his success was diet. Sinclair adopted intermittent fasting, a nutritional strategy increasing in popularity, which involves refraining from eating for a specified number of hours (in Sinclair's case, an impressive 16 hours). Outside of those hours, any food is permissible. However, Sinclair chose plant-based foods low in sugar and fat, avoiding processed foods, alcohol, stimulants, and anything high in simple sugars.

Health and longevity through cold therapy

Dietary changes weren't the only influence on Sinclair's well-being. He also incorporated cold therapy into his regimen, which reduces inflammation and relieves pain when applied regularly. Complementing the therapy with daily physical activity of just 30 minutes, Sinclair noticed a marked improvement in his physique's firmness and resilience. Supplementing his diet with healthy fats rich in omega-group acids, probiotics, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 was the final element in his strategy to 'rejuvenate' his biological clock.

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