NewsTurkmenistan residents mandated to play former President's songs at weddings amid foreign music ban

Turkmenistan residents mandated to play former President's songs at weddings amid foreign music ban

Shocking law in Turkmenistan. This must be played at weddings.
Shocking law in Turkmenistan. This must be played at weddings.
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2:20 AM EST, February 9, 2024

According to reports from sources including Nexta on platform X, Turkmenistan residents are mandated to include a wedding song by former President Berdimuhamedov in wedding ceremonies. This action follows the authorities' insistence in the country's western regions to omit foreign music from wedding playlists.

Despite the absence of a formal decree, individuals are informally directed at civil status offices to adhere to this requirement when obtaining their marriage license.

The civil status offices advise couples to furnish their weddings with exclusively Turkmen music and uphold a traditional Turkmen ambiance.

An employee of a restaurant, who requested anonymity, disclosed that wedding venues ensure that a minimum of 80 percent of the songs played are in the Turkmen language. Noncompliance with these directives and disapproval of government policy are strictly proscribed in Turkmenistan.

Nonstandard wedding advice

An employee of a restaurant shared the details of a recent wedding where the traditional Turkmen folk dance, "kush depth," two songs by Berdimuhamedov, and a plethora of other Turkmen pieces adorned the playlist. It is reported that the DJ was instructed to play Berdimuhamedov's songs twice, each lasting seven minutes.

Known for composing songs embodying themes related to the country, its residents, his youth, and his favorite horse, Berdimuhamedov previously held the position of President of Turkmenistan.

President Berdimukhamedov raps about a horse

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