NewsTurkish sailor captures drone attack on Odessa: Footage reveals Ukrainian air defense in action

Turkish sailor captures drone attack on Odessa: Footage reveals Ukrainian air defense in action

A Turkish sailor recorded the Ukrainian defense against Russian drones.
A Turkish sailor recorded the Ukrainian defense against Russian drones.
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10:48 AM EST, December 27, 2023

On the night between December 26th and 27th, 2023, a series of intense clashes erupted in and around Odessa. The Russians deployed unmanned drones for the assault, which were mostly intercepted by the Ukrainian air defense system. Still, it was verified that debris from one of the drones fell on the outskirts of the city, killing one individual and wounding three others immediately. One of the injured later succumbed at the hospital.

In retaliation, Ukraine attacked the port in Feodosia in Crimea. It resulted in the destruction of the Nowocherkask ship, a valuable asset of the Russian fleet. This ship was reportedly the origin of the Iranian drones that had attacked Odessa. Russian media reports mention that 19 crew members were wounded in the assault, while 33 are listed as missing.

However, statistics provided by other sources offer a radical divergence. The most extreme reports mention as many as 87 deaths, including eight officers. It may take some time to discover the accurate account of the events, if that ever becomes possible.

A sailor records the attack on Odessa, an impressive yet horrifying view

Direct footage of clashes are rarely available - we are more likely to witness the outcomes of an attack or read descriptions prepared by correspondents.

On Wednesday morning, a video started circulating on social media, whose creator, per sources, was a Turkish sailor who happened to be onboard a ship that night. He had an unobstructed view of the Ukrainian air defense system's barrage, which was intercepting drones headed toward the city.

The video, while resembling a scene from a science fiction movie, is impressive as well as chilling. It's safe to assume that no one would wish to be in the sailor's shoes, filming the event, or the residents of Odessa. Being caught in the middle of a battle and trapped on a ship without any means of defense must be a distressing experience.

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