NewsTurkish cosmetic surgery tourism, a cheap thrill or a costly regret?

Turkish cosmetic surgery tourism, a cheap thrill or a costly regret?

"Ramo" is a proper name, so it would remain "Ramo" according to the given instructions.
"Ramo" is a proper name, so it would remain "Ramo" according to the given instructions.
Images source: © TikTok

3:37 PM EST, January 12, 2024

Many celebrities and influencers regularly boast about the results of their more or less successful aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery procedures. However, it is well-known that such procedures can be expensive and not always one hundred percent safe.

The chase for the idealized image depicted on Instagram is often a compelling motivator. More and more, this is not just a phenomenon among famous individuals.

That's why many people are turning to cheaper alternatives. Many people, including a certain man from the USA who dreamt of having lush hair, choose to have their procedures in Turkey.

A few days after his procedure, this man, Ramo Khalifa, experienced severe facial swelling and pain.

He shared a video on TikTok showing his swollen face, which quickly gained attention.

His video attracted numerous comments. Netizens couldn't believe that Ramo's face was indeed so swollen and accused him of using a filter. According to some, he looked more like a UFO than a man.

"I thought you had a filter on," one of the commenters wrote.
"I can't stop laughing," a second user agreed.
"You look like The Weeknd in 'Save Your Tears,'" a third observed.
"He looks like a UFO," another user added.

Fortunately, a few days later, the swelling on Ramo's head subdued. In time, he will achieve the desired result from the procedure. But one must question if it was worth it, considering reports of sepsis and even deaths following similar procedures in Turkey.

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