TechTurkey showcases new weapon that may change the future of warfare

Turkey showcases new weapon that may change the future of warfare

New unmanned system BARKAN
New unmanned system BARKAN
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2:52 PM EST, November 12, 2023

How does Turkey envision the future of military warfare? The newly unveiled weapon, a ground drone that shoots down flying drones, named BARKAN may give us some insight.

Turkey is recognized as a vanguard in the field of unmanned military solutions due to its innovative approach and large quantity of drone production. Their first significant achievement was the Bayraktar TB2 drone. Now, the newly introduced BARKAN is providing solutions that were tough to foresee.

A drone that takes down other drones

BARKAN represents the latest innovation from HAVELSAN. The company, known for its impressive catalog of unmanned solutions, has now introduced a model that dispenses with traditional weaponry in favor of a launcher designed to dispatch other drones. The model's capabilities were showcased during recent testing at a proving ground, where BARKAN effectively fired both kamikaze drones and reconnaissance and surveillance drones.

The high degree of effectiveness demonstrated by the new system, particularly in launching drones, is being hailed as a major success. Kamikaze drones have the ability to cover distances up to approximately 9.32 miles and reach altitudes of about 9842 feet. This development, highlighting the versatility and self-sufficiency of Turkey's unmanned systems, will likely result in a strengthened national defense, especially if BARKAN-style solutions become prevalent in the military.

Turkey has once again proven its pioneering status in drone technology. The operational diversity exhibited by BARKAN opens many new strategic and tactical avenues. The successful initial tests mark an important progression for the future development of automated systems, demonstrating their potential use in increasingly complex mission scenarios. Simultaneously, BARKAN is setting the future direction for defense systems and war strategies.

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