NewsTucker Carlson suggests U.S. and Ukraine motives in Navalny death

Tucker Carlson suggests U.S. and Ukraine motives in Navalny death

Tucker Carlson suggests that the West could be behind the death of Navalny.
Tucker Carlson suggests that the West could be behind the death of Navalny.
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10:26 AM EST, February 28, 2024

Tucker Carlson, one of the most renowned and divisive American commentators and a former Fox News journalist who has now taken his commentary to YouTube, is known for his pro-Russian and pro-Putin stances. He recently conducted a notable interview with Vladimir Putin and shared his insights on the death of Alexei Navalny just days after returning from Russia.

Carlson mentions that the circumstances surrounding the death of the notable Russian opposition figure remain unclear, but he argues that it is improbable that Russia is responsible for the act. He suggests that such an act would be imprudent for Russia, especially considering the timing of the Munich Security Conference and discussions in Washington about a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine.

Furthermore, Carlson asserts that Navalny's death is unrelated to the forthcoming presidential elections in Russia.

He begins to weave conspiracy theories, pointing out an interest in perpetuating the conflict for both Ukraine and the United States, with the murder of Navalny. He hints at the capability of Ukrainian intelligence to execute similar high-profile acts, drawing parallels with the killing of Daria, the daughter of Russian politician Alexander Dugin.

"I don't believe we assassinate people in foreign countries to sway election outcomes... Oh, wait, actually, we do, and it's been happening since the '80s. It's disgraceful. I can voice this as an American, because it involves my tax dollars. Yes, it deeply disturbs me," he emphatically stated.

In addition, he shared observations from his recent visit to Russia, which exceeded a week. Contrary to his expectations, he was struck by the absence of a personality cult around Putin, noting an absence of statues dedicated to the leader.

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