NewsTrump's Controversial Ukraine Plan Sparks Outrage Amid Election Lead

Trump's Controversial Ukraine Plan Sparks Outrage Amid Election Lead

Trump's plan for Ukraine. There is a reaction from the former president.
Trump's plan for Ukraine. There is a reaction from the former president.
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7:52 PM EDT, April 9, 2024

According to "The Washington Post," if Donald Trump becomes the president of the USA again, he intends to pressure Ukraine into allowing Crimea and Donbas to remain under Russian control. An advisor to Trump promptly addressed these media reports.

Donald Trump's campaign advisor, Jason Miller, labeled the report by "The Washington Post," which revealed details of Trump's proposed "peace plan" for Ukraine, as fake news.
Miller firmly stated that Donald Trump would not commit to any peace plan until he assumes office and evaluates all available options.

"The whole thing is fake news from the Washington Post. They’re just making it up," said Miller, a Trump campaign advisor.

At the same time, he highlighted that Trump "is the only one talking about stopping the killing." "Joe Biden is talking about more killings," Miller claimed, apparently criticizing Biden's support of Ukraine with military assistance.

Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the USA, has frequently claimed that, if elected, he could broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine within 24 hours. However, he has consistently avoided detailing how he would achieve this.

The Wall Street Journal recently showcased a March 17-24 presidential poll, indicating that Donald Trump is outpacing the current president in six of seven states surveyed.

The poll shows the American businessman, aiming to reclaim the presidential office, leading by six points in North Carolina, five in Arizona, four in Nevada, and three in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
In the survey, only 28 percent of respondents believed that the 81-year-old Biden is in sufficiently good mental and physical shape to serve as president for another term.
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