NewsTrump's claim to end Ukrainian war in a day met with skepticism by Kremlin

Trump's claim to end Ukrainian war in a day met with skepticism by Kremlin

An image of a man in a suit.
An image of a man in a suit.
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11:39 AM EST, January 23, 2024

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The frontrunner of the Republican Party primaries made the statement in March 2023. Peskov responded to it on Monday. When a journalist curiously inquired if the Kremlin understands Trump's quick-fix solution to end the war within a day and whether Russian diplomacy maintained contact with him, Peskov responded succinctly.

- We have no idea how that could be possible (referring to the end of the war). There were no conversations on this topic - the Kremlin spokesman clarified.

Trump's Claim of Ending the War in a Single Day

Trump made the noteworthy claim at a rally in Waco, Texas on March 25, 2023. He confidently claimed that he could expediently broker a peace agreement and end the war.

The former president further elaborated that Vladimir Putin began moving troops towards the Ukrainian borders after the "disaster," which he referred to as his defeat in the 2020 elections against Joe Biden.

In addition, he accused the incumbent US president of failing to even attempt to negotiate with Putin.

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