US NewsTrump's candidacy in Illinois primary halted by judge's ruling

Trump's candidacy in Illinois primary halted by judge's ruling

Trump's candidacy in Illinois primary halted by judge's ruling
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12:47 PM EST, February 29, 2024

An Illinois judge determined that Donald Trump participated in an insurrection, disqualifying him from the state's primary ballot. However, the judge has suspended the enforcement of this decision while awaiting the outcome of an appeal.

Trump removed from ballot

Circuit Court Judge Tracie Porter's decision on Wednesday concurred with the reasoning of the Colorado Supreme Court, which previously removed Trump from the ballot in that state. This ruling came after the Illinois State Board of Elections decided in January to keep Trump's name on the ballot while suggesting that a court should resolve the issue. The US Supreme Court will likely decide the outcome.

According to BBC, primary early voting has already commenced. Mr. Trump, leading the Republican presidential candidate race, will stay on the ballot until at least Friday, giving him time to file an appeal against the order.

"The Illinois State Board of Election shall remove Donald J Trump from the ballot for the General Primary Election on March 19, 2024, or cause any votes cast for him to be suppressed," said Judge Porter.

"As we've stated repeatedly, the Illinois Republican Party believes the people, not activist courts or unelected bureaucrats, should choose who represents them in the White House. This decision to remove President Trump from the ballot without due process is an affront to democracy and limits the voting rights of Illinois citizens," Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy said in a statement.

Illinois' primary election is scheduled for 19 March.

Source: BBC

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