NewsTrump pledges to pull $3bn from Green Climate Fund if elected president in 2024

Trump pledges to pull $3bn from Green Climate Fund if elected president in 2024

Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden and announced the recovery of money from the climate fund.
Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden and announced the recovery of money from the climate fund.
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8:24 AM EST, December 14, 2023

Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, announced during the COP28 summit in Dubai, that the United States will donate 3 billion dollars to the Green Climate Fund. The summit was focused on climate change. Reuters reports that this money is designed to aid developing countries in their efforts to cut emissions and acclimate to the shifting climate.

Donald Trump Plans to Withdraw and Reclaim Donations

Reuters reports that polls indicate Donald Trump is projected as the Republican candidate for the US presidency. Trump protested during one of his speeches against, as he stated, "climate reparations", which equates to the donation of 3 billion dollars to the Green Climate Fund.

"Upon my return to office, any payments toward climate reparations will be immediately annulled," Trump declared.

He also stated plans to recover any contributions that have already been authorized by President Joe Biden and criticized Biden for his investments in renewable energy, according to Reuters.

Upcoming Presidential Elections in the USA

The next set of presidential elections in the USA will take place in the autumn of 2024. Indications strongly suggest a repeat of the 2020 elections, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump likely participating as contenders. Trump seems to have the best chance of winning, leading Joe Biden by 4 percentage points according to recent polls.

It's important to remember that the electoral process in the USA differs substantially from that with which Poles are familiar. The future leader is chosen by electors, who themselves are selected through a democratic vote. Thus, it's feasible that the candidate with the most popular support may not become the President.

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