US NewsTrump met with boos and jeers at Libertarian convention over Covid response

Trump met with boos and jeers at Libertarian convention over Covid response

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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11:22 AM EDT, May 26, 2024

Donald Trump was booed and hissed at the Libertarian Party convention. Advocates of individual liberty blamed Trump for poor decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The boos and shouts erupted the moment Donald Trump appeared on stage. One person even wished death upon him. Libertarians argue that Trump did little to prevent restrictions on the unvaccinated during the pandemic. They also blame him for rushing the development of the vaccine.

Despite the incident, Trump tried to persuade libertarians that they have much in common with Republicans regarding views on taxes and the size of the government.

"If I wasn’t a Libertarian before, I sure as hell am a Libertarian now," Trump addressed the gathered crowd. Later, he claimed that Joe Biden is responsible for the "rise in left-wing fascism."
"We should not be fighting each other," he persuaded.

Promises by Donald Trump

Trump promised that if he wins the election, he will include a libertarian in his cabinet. This was met with disbelief and shouts of "nonsense!" Organizers of the Libertarian Party convention claim that Joe Biden was also invited to the convention but refused to attend.

The Libertarians garnered only 1.2% of the votes in the 2020 presidential election. Still, according to analysts, the upcoming November presidential elections in the USA could be decided by just tens of thousands of votes in a few states.

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