NewsTrump Meets Elon Musk in Florida Seeking Campaign Support

Trump Meets Elon Musk in Florida Seeking Campaign Support

Donald Trump met with Donald Tusk.
Donald Trump met with Donald Tusk.
9:32 AM EST, March 6, 2024
This meeting took place in Palm Beach, involving both Trump and Musk along with several affluent Republican Party donors, as reported by "The New York Times" citing unnamed sources.

"The New York Times" noted that Musk has previously criticized Trump and has not shown support for his candidacy in recent months. However, Musk's latest social media posts imply that he might prefer Joe Biden's defeat in the November presidential elections.

A significant point of alignment that may sway Musk's support towards Trump, as "The New York Times" suggests, is their shared stance on immigration policy, particularly their mutual interest in curtailing the influx of migrants to the USA.

Trump triumphs during "Super Tuesday"

During "Super Tuesday," Donald Trump secured victories in 14 Republican Party primaries, while Biden clinched all 16 Democratic primaries up for grabs. This virtually assures both of their nominations by their respective parties for the November presidential elections.

After "Super Tuesday," Nikki Haley, Trump's last formidable opponent in the Republican presidential nomination race, withdrew from the contest. This decision came in the wake of her singular victory across the races, as reported by American media on Wednesday, quoting sources close to Haley.

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