NewsTrump hints at potential NATO exit if US fairness concerns persist

Trump hints at potential NATO exit if US fairness concerns persist

Trump, however, won't withdraw the USA from NATO? He stated a condition
Trump, however, won't withdraw the USA from NATO? He stated a condition
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1:43 PM EDT, March 20, 2024

Donald Trump once again suggested that if he becomes president again, the US should consider leaving NATO. He explained what would need to happen to avoid such a scenario.
Trump spoke with Nigel Farage, a leading Brexit advocate, on the GB News channel. The businessman condemned European Union countries for "benefiting" and called on them to pay their "fair share of defense spending" if they want to secure US support.
"The United States will remain in NATO if European countries treat America fairly," he declared.
During the conversation, Farage recalled Trump's controversial words in which he stated he would encourage Russia to "do whatever it likes" to other NATO countries that do not fulfill their financial obligations to the Alliance.
"What I'm saying is a form of negotiation. Why should we protect these countries that have a lot of money?" he asked. "I don't know if you know, but since that statement (to NATO's budget), a lot of money has been contributed," he told his interlocutor.
Trump credited himself with strengthening the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. "NATO has become strong because of me. Now NATO must treat the US fairly, because without the United States, NATO wouldn't even exist," argued the former president.

Trump was asked about Poland. A clear answer

Nigel Farage directly asked Trump: "if NATO countries increase their defense spending, will the United States under his leadership 'protect places like Poland'?"
"Yes. But the United States should pay its fair share, not the fair share of everyone else. I believe the United States was covering 90 percent of NATO expenses, and it could have been 100 percent. That was most unfair," he stated.
Asked whether "if other NATO countries start playing fair, then America will be there," Trump replied: "Yes, 100 percent."
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