NewsTrump goes all out using an immigration crisis to secure the nomination and elevate his political prowess. Will it pay off?

Trump goes all out using an immigration crisis to secure the nomination and elevate his political prowess. Will it pay off?

Trump goes all out using an immigration crisis to secure the nomination and elevate his political prowess. Will it pay off?
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6:32 AM EST, February 15, 2024

Donald Trump is not wasting his time. After the shocking remarks about the NATO alliance and payment issues, he is trying to strengthen his grip over the Republican side of Congress using the immigration crisis. How the situation is going to unfold?

Donald Trump does not hold himself from using the strongest words possible regarding the immigration crisis. He recently said that America needs to "get everything needed to shut down the invasion." He continued the strategy employed in his first presidential campaign, which relied mostly on the postulate of building a border wall. The issue divided the Republican Party, increasing Donald Trump's already robust control over the Capitol's Republican side. The New York Times has made a neat summation of Trump's position:

His shadow has always loomed large over the Republican-controlled House, which has opened congressional investigations to defend him, launched an impeachment inquiry into his chief rival and approved legislation to reinstate the hard-line immigration policies he imposed. But as Mr. Trump barrels toward the party’s 2024 nomination, his influence on the legislative agenda on Capitol Hill is expanding.

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Trump has not stopped himself, though, in suggesting that the immigration crisis is an 'invasion.' He also has recently said that he is going to launch the biggest-ever deportation action:

On day one, I will terminate every open border of the Biden administration, and we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,

Trump and his Republican supporters want to forbid people from working and staying temporarily in the United States while waiting for the decision about their visas. This policy, called "Remain in Mexico," blocks entry to the country.

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The immigration agenda is now the main axis of attack on Joe Biden and his administration. Another part of the attack is the financial support for the Ukrainian War. Although Trump tried hard to stop it, Congress managed to secure the package of help not only for Ukraine but also for Israel and Taiwan.

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