NewsTrump conditions Ukraine aid on European financial uptick

Trump conditions Ukraine aid on European financial uptick

Trump threatens to stop helping Ukraine if Europe does not increase its aid.
Trump threatens to stop helping Ukraine if Europe does not increase its aid.
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8:21 AM EDT, May 2, 2024

The Republican Party's presidential candidate in the USA is already developing a strategy for international politics. Donald Trump gave an interview for "Time" magazine, in which he declared his willingness to help Ukraine. However, he stipulates strict conditions for this support, demanding greater European financial involvement.

In an extensive interview with "Time" magazine, Donald Trump shared his insights on various political aspects, including NATO, the situation in Europe, and the war in Ukraine. His plans for these key international issues were emphasized during the discussion.

When asked about potential support from the United States for Ukraine, in its fight against Russian aggression, Trump's response indicated a conditional willingness to assist. He suggested that support would hinge on a variety of factors.

In the talk with Time, Donald Trump said, "I’m going to try and help Ukraine, but Europe has to get there also and do their job." He also noted that European countries are not "paying their fair share."

Trump calls for Europe to increase financial support for Ukraine

Donald Trump threatened to cease support for Ukraine if Europe does not boost its financial contribution. He believes European countries are not fully addressing Ukraine's needs.

If Europe is not going to pay, why should we? - asked the presidential candidate.

According to him, European countries are more directly impacted by the war. He pointed out that while " nothing " separates Europe and Ukraine, the USA and Ukraine are divided by an ocean. Thus, he argues, European nations should provide greater financial assistance to Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia.

In his discussion with Time, Donald Trump reasserted his long-held view that the United States should reduce its international engagements and focus more on domestic concerns.

USA’s support for Ukraine

In April, the House of Representatives passed a support package valued at $61 billion for Ukraine, which had been delayed for weeks. This package, offering military and budgetary support, marks a significant expression of the United States' solidarity with Ukraine amidst Russian aggression.

Despite the House's favorable vote, as many as 112 Republican congressmen opposed the aid package for Ukraine, indicating substantial resistance within conservative ranks.

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