US NewsTrump claims he forced Biden out of 2024 race as rumors swirl

Trump claims he forced Biden out of 2024 race as rumors swirl

Trump recorded, spoke harshly about Biden. Uncensored words were used.
Trump recorded, spoke harshly about Biden. Uncensored words were used.
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2:52 PM EDT, July 4, 2024

"I eliminated Biden from the race; he withdrew," said Donald Trump in a video published by The Daily Beast. Trump used vulgar language to describe the president and stated that Vice President Kamala Harris would be an easier opponent for him.

In the short video provided to the portal, Trump sits in a golf cart, asking people around him about his performance in last week's debate. After hearing that he did "great," the Republican candidate called President Biden an "old, broken bag of s..." and added that he eliminated him from the presidential race.

"He just withdrew (...) That means we have Kamala [Harris]. I think she'll be better," said Trump, likely referring to Wednesday's reports by the "New York Times"—denied by the White House—that Biden was considering withdrawing his candidacy."She's so pathetic, she's so f****** bad," he added about Vice President Harris.

"Can you imagine this guy (Biden) dealing with Putin? And the President of China, who is a fierce person? He's a fierce guy, a very tough guy," the former president continued.

The circumstances of the video recording are unclear; the portal only states that it received it from its source. Trump's campaign did not directly address the tape, only referring to an earlier statement accusing the Democrats of hiding Biden's health status. Biden's campaign, on the other hand, reacted to the publication.

"No, Donald. What's weak is taking women's rights away, what's weak is losing an election and encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol," the statement read, adding a series of other accusations against Trump.

What's next for Biden? Speculations circulate

Despite Trump's words and calls from an increasing number of Democrats, President Biden has consistently assured that he will stay in the race for the presidency "until the very end" and that "no one will push him out."

On Wednesday, "New York Times" wrote, citing a "key ally" of Biden, that the president told him he might not save his candidacy if he can't reassure voters about his ability to perform his duties. The White House has strongly denied these reports.

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