LifestyleTropical houseplant Spathiphyllum could be your secret weapon against toxic mold

Tropical houseplant Spathiphyllum could be your secret weapon against toxic mold

The Spathiphyllum absorbs moisture.
The Spathiphyllum absorbs moisture.
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1:59 PM EST, January 11, 2024

High humidity inside a home doesn't only affect comfort levels, but it could also become a life-threatening issue. To keep ourselves healthy, combatting humidity becomes essential. High humidity fosters the growth of toxic mold which manifests as unattractive dark spots on walls. Long-term exposure to these fungi can lead to respiratory issues, chronic infections or even allergic reactions.

Addressing Humidity: The Need for Prompt Responses

Preventative measures are crucial when it comes to preventing mold growth in the house. It's essential to consistently monitor and control the level of humidity in the air. Maintaining a steady room temperature, ensuring proper ventilation, sealing windows, and fixing any other faults that may cause heat leakage from the home are beneficial practices.

While some of these measures may entail considerable expenditure - such as installing professional ventilation systems, insulating the house, or carrying out regular building maintenance - alternative, home-based strategies can also be effective if you are under financial constraints.

Humidity Neutralizer: The Tropical Flower that Absorbs Moisture

Not all humidity control methods need to be costly. Sometimes, the mere knowledge of what to place in a room can make a significant difference. Improving the atmosphere in your apartment can be as easy as placing certain tropical plants that thrive in humid conditions.

One such plant is the Spathiphyllum. Praised for its unique properties, this plant absorbs moisture much like a sponge. If placed on a windowsill, it can help reduce window fogging. Moreover, positioning this plant in the bathroom, a typically humid area, is highly recommended.

Meet Spathiphyllum: The Solution to your Humidity Issues (But Beware, It's Poisonous)

The Spathiphyllum plant is easy to maintain and suitable even for those new to gardening. Not only does it absorb moisture to prevent mold growth, but it also effectively purifies the air from harmful substances. It can absorb harmful compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide, as well as mold spores and harmful radiation from electronic devices.

However, it's important to remember that this plant can be toxic to pets. Therefore, ensure it's placed in a location out of their reach.

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