Tips&TricksTrick time and look 10 years younger: UK TikToker reveals simple 5-step skincare regimen

Trick time and look 10 years younger: UK TikToker reveals simple 5‑step skincare regimen

She owes her youthful appearance to a few simple tricks.
She owes her youthful appearance to a few simple tricks.
Images source: © Freepik, TikTok | bambidoesbeauty

11:00 AM EST, January 14, 2024

Often, we don't realize that our daily habits greatly affect the health of our facial skin. Neglecting makeup removal and choosing improper cosmetics are the main mistakes that deteriorate our complexion. Altering these habits is the key to obtaining a youthful appearance. This can be achieved quickly with a small investment of time and money. A TikToker from the United Kingdom has shared her tried and tested tips. What does she recommend to her viewers?

Achieving a youthful appearance

Almost everyone who looks at themselves in the mirror asks this troubling question. Although we can't turn back or stop time, we can certainly give it a run for its money. Proper facial skin care requires maturity and an understanding of which habits are beneficial for our beauty and which ones we should let go of. Based on trial and error, Elle McNamara has discovered a perfect combination of cosmetics that, at the age of 33, make her look like a 23-year-old.

In one of her videos, the TikToker compares her photos from 10 years ago to her current ones, passing thoughtful comments about her appearance. They revealed that she had problematic skin with numerous discolorations and pimples that significantly aged her. The lack of proper knowledge and care for her skin was glaringly visible. However, Elle quickly started to pay closer attention to her facial care.

Five golden rules for a youthful look

The first step Elle recommends is a two-step cleansing process involving double washing of the skin in the evening. She suggests starting with an oil or a makeup-removing balm, which will eliminate the top layer of impurities on the skin. After this, Elle advises using a second cleansing product and cloth towels to remove any blackheads and pimples. This method is shared by @bambidoesbeauty on TikTok:

Secondly, Elle emphasizes the regular use of a facial steamer, which softens the epidermis and opens up pores with the help of a fine mist. She attributes her youthful look and absence of wrinkles after 30 to this device. A product the influencer includes in her skincare routine without fail is retinol. It enhances the skin's texture and eliminates flaws.

Elle also alternates using a hydrating serum, recommending its multi-layered application to the skin. Last but not least, she always uses a cream with SPF to protect her skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, which accelerate the aging process. Using just a small amount of this product can lead to resilient and glowing skin.

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