EntertainmentTravis Kelce's ex-girlfriend warns Taylor Swift: "The one who cheated will do it again"

Travis Kelce's ex‑girlfriend warns Taylor Swift: "The one who cheated will do it again"

Ex of Travis Kelce warns Taylor Swift.
Ex of Travis Kelce warns Taylor Swift.
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12:46 PM EDT, September 27, 2023, updated: 9:17 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Maya Benberry, who once dated Travis Kelce, suggested that the athlete has trouble staying faithful. The woman decided to address this issue with Taylor Swift. Kind of her, isn't it?

All indications are that Taylor Swift is in love again. The vocalist, who broke up with Joe Alwyn a few months ago after six years together, is reportedly now interested in Travis Kelce. At least that's what the latest photos of them and the freshest reports from foreign tabloids suggest.

Travis Kelce's former partner warns Taylor Swift. She suggested infidelity

The new love interest of Taylor Swift is reportedly a star of American football. Unfortunately, one of his ex-partners does not have the best opinion of the athlete. A certain Maya Benberry suggested that Travis has issues with staying faithful. The woman, who dated the 33-year-old for several months in 2016 after winning the E! dating show "Catching Kelce", gave an interview in which she decided to warn Swift.

Taylor seems to be a fun girl with a beautiful spirit, so I wish her all the best, but I wouldn't be a real girl if I didn't advise her to be careful - she said in an interview with "Daily Mail", adding:

Time will tell. But as the proverb says: "The one who betrayed will do it again".

At the same time, the 31-year-old believes that the star can sense who has good intentions towards her and who has bad ones:

I am certain that she has already mastered the skill of distinguishing who is really with her and who is just using her.

Interestingly, Maya had previously implied that the athlete was not treating her right. Some time ago, on her Twitter, a post appeared in which she accused Travis of cheating on her with his next girlfriend.

When you and your ex broke up five months ago, but from social media, you find out he's supposedly been in another relationship for six... - she wrote in a tweet that was eventually deleted.

From 2017-2022, the man was dating Kayla Nicole. In one of the interviews, he denied that he had also cheated on her.

This is false information. A lie, not the reason why Kayla and I broke up - he assured in 2020, when their relationship was going through a temporary crisis, and various speculations were circulating on the network.

Did Travis Kelce confirm a relationship with Taylor Swift?

The relationship with Taylor, the American football player, was somewhat confirmed in the latest interview given to his older brother. In the previews of the "New Heights" podcast episode, we hear Jason Kelce ask:

So Trav, how does it feel when Taylor Swift finally puts you on her map?

My personal life, which isn't too personal... - he jokes, responding to his brother Travis, and adds: I did this to myself, Jason, I know about it.

Do you think that any day now the newly baked couple will brag about a shared picture on social media?

The text given, "Maya Benberry," is a proper name and does not require translation.
The text given, "Maya Benberry," is a proper name and does not require translation.© Instagram
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