Tips&TricksTransforming flaws to fabulous. TikToker demonstrates the power of makeup amid mixed reactions

Transforming flaws to fabulous. TikToker demonstrates the power of makeup amid mixed reactions

The woman showed how makeup changes the face.
The woman showed how makeup changes the face.
Images source: © TikTok | jesthejemini
2:41 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Jessy Volk, an American TikToker, grapples with acne daily. Despite her skin condition, she doesn't shy away from creating videos sans makeup. Her ultimate goal is to prove to everyone that facial discoloration is nothing to fret about and appropriate makeup can adequately cover any flaws one might want to hide. But what is the internet's viewpoint on this?

The transformative power of makeup

Dealing with acne can be agonizing. Identifying suitable cosmetics, undergoing various treatments, and implementing dietary changes can be a time-consuming process, often ending in disappointment. Meanwhile, living with acne breakouts can be embarrassing, inhibiting one's everyday life. Jessy Volk clarifies that cosmetics are a woman's best ally, helping mask blemishes and restore self-confidence. High-coverage makeup isn't just for concealing discoloration; it can also alter your look or emphasize certain facial features.

Mindful skincare is the foundation of any makeup look. Volk starts by washing her face and applying cream. Then, she uses a green concealer to neutralize redness, followed by a skin-toned base. She applies a correcting concealer to target areas, followed by foundation, wet contouring, and a substantial amount of powder. Finally, her eyes, eyebrows, and lips are highlighted, and her makeup masterpiece is done!

Internet divided over makeup

When she posted her video, the last thing she expected was such widespread attention. The reality is that people's reactions to her heavy makeup are a mixed bag. Some are fascinated at how one can 'become another person' with just a few products. On the other hand, some see it as a distortion of reality and a way of hiding one's true self behind a layer of cosmetics. Some comments even went as far as to say, "This should be illegal".

So, how does Jessy handle all of this? She remains upbeat and finds the negative attention mildly entertaining. According to her, makeup is a tool for enhancing self-esteem and concealing attributes that society may frown upon. If her videos can inspire even one person battling acne, she will continue to create them without being deterred by internet critics.

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