FoodTransform your potato pancakes with this game-changing technique

Transform your potato pancakes with this game-changing technique

Potato pancakes
Potato pancakes
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9:39 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Despite our best efforts, potato pancakes don't always come out as crispy and fluffy as we'd like. However, a simple change in technique can significantly improve the outcome. Many of us make an essential mistake, but it's high time for a revelation.

Potato pancakes are a delightful and economical dish, rightfully earning a regular spot in our kitchens. Although grating the potatoes consumes a significant chunk of the preparation time, this hurdle is quite manageable. While using boiled potatoes is one way around it, this article focuses on achieving the perfect crispy and fluffy texture for our potato pancakes.

Obtain fluffy potato pancakes with this simple trick

You might assume that preparing these pancakes is straightforward – just mix the ingredients and fry them. Yet, there's a crucial step in the process where it's easy to trip, impairing the pancake's fluffiness and crispness. To rectify this, let's revisit the step of incorporating the eggs. Most of us add the eggs whole, but what happens when we separate the yolks from the whites and add them individually? Start by adding the yolks, followed by the whipped egg whites. This method significantly enhances the texture of the potato pancakes, making them softer and fluffier after being fried.

Once they're ready, serve these pancakes with sour cream, yogurt, or mushroom sauce. If you fancy a sweeter version, sprinkle them with sugar or accompany them with cranberries.

Helpful tips to bear in mind

Here are some additional suggestions to streamline your cooking process:

Potato pancakes
Potato pancakes© Pixabay
  • Use the larger holes of the grater to create potato pieces that add a pleasant crunch.
  • Be sure to remove any excess water from the potatoes by allowing them to drain.
  • Ensure that the pan is thoroughly heated before adding the pancakes to prevent sticking.
  • After frying, drain the pancakes of excess oil.
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