LifestyleTransform your garden: The natural way to chernozem-like soil

Transform your garden: The natural way to chernozem-like soil

How to fertilize the soil with a homemade method?
How to fertilize the soil with a homemade method?
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6:17 AM EDT, May 1, 2024

Having chernozem in the garden is a dream for many due to its high quality. Fortunately, organic, homemade fertilizers can come to the rescue, with one in particular standing out as a true gardening sensation.

If we aspire to have lush crops or a visually appealing garden, focusing on proper fertilization and maintenance is crucial.

How to effectively fertilize the soil?

The initial step should be weeding, followed by loosening the soil, for example, using rotary harrows, then leveling with a tiller. Once the soil is prepared, it can be fertilized and aerated as needed. Options include compost, manure, or commercial fertilizers, with the choice guided by the soil's specific needs, which can be assessed by checking its acidity with a pH meter from a gardening store.

White mustard is often employed for soil fertilization because it binds significant amounts of mineral components. When plowed in as green manure, well-developed white mustard can substitute about 22 tons (or approximately 20 metric tons) of manure. This plant's roots also help to loosen the soil, an effect likened to plowing or subsoiling.

Brilliant natural fertilizer - turns soil into chernozem

Enhancing the mustard with water fleas (Daphnia), a popular planktonic crustacean used for feeding aquarium fish, is recommended. Water fleas are rich in minerals, notably nitrogen and phosphorus, both beneficial to soil. Mixing one kilogram of water fleas with one kilogram of powdered mustard creates the recommended formula. This mixture should be applied to the soil at about 4-5 tablespoons per square meter.

It's also suggested that this fertilizer be used immediately before planting seedlings, such as tomatoes or peppers, by adding a spoonful of the mixture into the planting hole. This method provides a notable boost from the start, transforming barren soil to resemble chernozem closely.

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