LifestyleTransform your bathroom with a bag of rice: banish annoyances

Transform your bathroom with a bag of rice: banish annoyances

Rice has a plethora of uses.
Rice has a plethora of uses.
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8:39 AM EDT, October 29, 2023

Rice in bags has always provided convenience in the kitchen. Simply toss it into boiling water and in minutes, your meal is ready. Recently, however, there's been a shift towards loose products, which are perceived as healthier and more natural. Despite this trend, we can't ignore the intriguing alternative uses of bagged rice.

In fact, many kitchen items have versatile uses beyond their culinary purposes. Spices can act as effective insect repellents, while a mix of baking soda and vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. Similarly, rice has a plethora of uses. The water left after boiling rice makes an excellent face toner and a nourishing drink for potted plants. Orchids and peace lilies, particularly, thrive on rice water. But that's just the start.

It's important to note, however, that bagged rice isn't the most nutritionally sound choice. It loses many of its essential nutrients during preparation, and the beneficial properties of rice water can't be obtained from it. Plus, there's the concerns about the presence of bisphenol A, a harmful compound. Excessive consumption of such rice could potentially lead to health issues. Fortunately, these potential drawbacks can be sidestepped by employing bagged rice in novel ways.

Suspended bag of rice in the bathroom

What’s the common advice when a phone or remote control accidently gets wet? Most people would suggest placing the device in a bowl of rice. This recommendation isn't simply whimsical—rice is a superb moisture absorber. I've discovered an additional application for this attribute: I place the grains in a breathable bag and hang it in my bathroom. This simple tactic combats bathroom dampness effectively as the rice absorbs the excess moisture. As bathrooms are prone to mould due to the high levels of humidity, these bags serve as an effective hygroscopic solution.

Remember, it's crucial to replace these bags frequently as the rice grains saturate with moisture over time and lose their absorbency. For a bonus, you might want to sprinkle some essential oil or cake aroma onto the bag before hanging it in the bathroom. That way, you also create a natural air freshener. I’ve been doing this and the bathroom smells delightfully fresh.

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