FoodTransform graham crackers into a gourmet no-bake cheesecake

Transform graham crackers into a gourmet no‑bake cheesecake

Simple no-bake cake.
Simple no-bake cake.
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10:44 AM EDT, May 20, 2024

Do you have a pack of graham crackers at home? You can transform them into a velvety no-bake cake in just a few moments. It tastes just like a gourmet cold cheesecake.

Every parent tends to have a pack of graham crackers at home. They're a simple, low-calorie snack suitable even for a one-year-old child. The ingredients typically include flour, butter, oil, and some sugar or sweetener.

Both children and adults enjoy Graham crackers. They pair well with afternoon coffee or tea. Do you have a large pack of graham crackers at home and aren’t sure what to do with it? Fill them with a simple creamy curd filling, and you will have a delicious no-bake cake.

Simple no-bake cake. you only need three ingredients

Are you a fan of sweet desserts but often lack the time to prepare them? No-bake cakes are the perfect solution. Graham crackers or ladyfingers can replace the sponge or shortcrust base, layered with a creamy filling. What's the best option? Use what you already have at home, such as pudding, curd cheese, cream cheese, or whipped cream.

How to finish the cake? There are plenty of options. You can use jelly, melted chocolate, caramel, or fruits. Preparing such a cake will take less than 10 minutes, regardless of your chosen ingredients. However, remember that most no-bake cakes require cooling as the mixture "sets" under cold temperatures.

Don’t want to wait that long? Try this simple recipe for a no-bake cake. You only need four ingredients — crispy, buttery graham crackers, creamy cheese, a can of condensed milk, and dark chocolate. The filling is so thick that it doesn't require chilling.

the simplest no-bake cake — recipe


  • 14 oz of graham crackers,
  • small can of condensed milk,
  • 26 oz of cream cheese (can be curd cheese),
  • 7 oz of dark chocolate,
  • optional: fresh fruits, caramel.


  1. Take out a baking dish and line it with parchment paper. Fill the bottom with graham crackers.
  2. Prepare the cream by mixing the cheese with condensed milk into a fluffy mass. Pour it over the graham crackers and even the surface with a silicone spatula.
  3. Lay another layer of graham crackers and pour melted chocolate over them. That’s it. Enjoy!
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