NewsTragic plunge: Bus crashes into river in St. Petersburg, four dead

Tragic plunge: Bus crashes into river in St. Petersburg, four dead

Drama in Petersburg. A bus fell from a bridge into the river.
Drama in Petersburg. A bus fell from a bridge into the river.
Images source: © DISPARO, Telegram

11:49 AM EDT, May 10, 2024

A tragic accident unfolded in St. Petersburg when a passenger bus plunged from a bridge into a river, sinking quickly beneath the surface.

The incident occurred around 6 AM Eastern Time (approximately 5 AM Polish Time, as noted) on Bolshaya Morskaya Street in the heart of St. Petersburg. Surveillance video captured the bus driver losing control before reaching the bridge: the bus veered onto the sidewalk, smashed through barriers to re-enter the road, swerved onto the bridge, and then collided with an oncoming passenger car.

Consequently, the bus, carrying 20 passengers, veered off the bridge and submerged underwater rapidly.

Ten passengers managed to escape the bus alone, taking refuge on its roof while awaiting rescue.

Four fatalities confirmed in the accident

Rescue teams extricated another ten individuals from the bus, with nine, including the driver, rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Despite efforts at resuscitation, one person was declared dead at the accident scene, and three others succumbed to their injuries after being hospitalised.

Online photos and videos depict the intense efforts of rescuers working to save the lives of those onboard the bus.

An investigation into the accident has been launched by the prosecutor's office, with the bus driver currently the prime suspect.

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