NewsTragic mid-flight death: German passenger dies on Bangkok-Munich flight despite doctor's efforts

Tragic mid‑flight death: German passenger dies on Bangkok-Munich flight despite doctor's efforts

Tragedy on board the plane
Tragedy on board the plane
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3:45 AM EST, February 11, 2024

The passenger, a 63-year-old German citizen, was traveling to Munich from Bangkok on Thursday with his Filipino wife. The man seemed visibly ill, exhibiting labored breathing and excessive sweating. His wife mentioned that they had rushed to catch the plane.

However, the situation escalated dramatically. The man began coughing up blood, which worsened as the flight took off. Blood burst from his nose, staining the cabin walls. It was a catastrophic scene; everyone was screaming, recalls a fellow passenger.

Death on board

The crew made a commendable attempt to save the man's life and started resuscitation measures. However, at some point, the pilot regretfully had to announce the passenger's death. Consequently, the plane was rerouted back to Bangkok.

"Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased passenger. We apologize to all passengers for any inconvenience caused and request for understanding as we cannot provide any additional information for reasons of privacy," Lufthansa reported to the British "Daily Mail".

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